Colombia - Argelia Regional Decaf - Omniroast - 250 gr.

Chocolate, malt, brown spices, cherry liqueur.

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Caldas / 1700 masl. / Castillo, Colombia & Caturra / Washed / Sugarcane Decaf / SCA 85.75p.


On the road between Manizales and Honda sits the small town of Monte Bonito, a historic and very traditional town with a population of less than a thousand inhabitants. In that town is the Manizales Cooperative, responsible for processing the coffee delivered to it by the 89 associate farmers of the region. The growers are incentivized to deliver the best cherries, with premiums being paid for quality and proper moisture.

As for the decaffeination process - the coffee first undergoes steaming at low pressures and moistened with hot water to allow the beans to swell and soften. The extractor of the caffeine is a naturally derived compound from fermenting sugarcane. Tanks with this solvent are then filled with the moistened coffee and washed several times to reduce the caffeine down to the correct levels. The coffee is then cleaned of the remaining ethyl acetate by using a flow of low pressured saturated steam and sent to vacuum drying drums and dried to between 10-12%.

Roast info

This coffee is roasted as omniroast - meaning that the beans allow for themselves to be roasted to be successfully used in both espresso and filter methods. Unfortunately, not all coffees can be roasted this way, as that is determined by the solubility and overall profile of the coffee - so we are very careful about which coffees to omniroast. Beans that are roasted as such are very flexible and will suit most coffee preparation methods.

Use and storage

We recommend you enjoy this coffee within 3 months of the roasting date. Store in a dry and cool place, between +16 and +25 degrees.

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