Right now we are working to deliver you the most outstanding coffee education in the Baltic states. 

And once we do, we will inform you of all the things you will be able to learn in our dedicated coffee school. In the meantime, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you wish to train your team of baristas to produce a better cup of coffee.


We can ensure top quality coffee training of any kind, because we have gone through it ourselves.

The coffee professionals at Kalve have gone through extensive trainings of all the sorts, achieving "Professional" level diplomas in all the SCA Modules, also attaining the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma. Besides that, the experience we gain by judging WCE competitions of barista, latte art, brewing and roasting is also something that we are more than willing to share - in the end, all that matters is that our guest gets a better cup of coffee.

Our trainings are lead by the Latvian Barista Champion of 2017.

When learning with us, you can be sure that the coffee training will be top notch, because all the schooling is done by the Latvian Barista Champion of 2017, Raimonds Zadvornovs, who successfully represented Latvia in the World Barista Championship in Seoul 2017, and who also holds the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

We have found the WBC standard to be the most effective way of learning both the technical and sensory skills of preparing coffee, which is why that stays as a foundation for every training we do.