Peru - La Lucuma - Natural - 250g

Strawberries, peach, dark chocolate and orange zest-like finish.



El Laurel, San Ignacio / 1750 masl. / Marshell / Natural / SCA – 88.50p

Coffees from Peru have come a very long way. If you look at what was available so little as 7 years ago, the difference is outstanding. The coffees are so much more complex and fruit forward as of recent, and it has become one of our favourite origins to work with. Don Marcelino Chinguel had been growing coffee for most of his life, well over forty years. On the farm, La Lucuma, he lives with his family and they are taking care of most of the work that need to be carried out, hiring only eight pickers during the harvest.
Within the family they had been spreading the workload in specific areas of responsibilities, with Marcelino taking care of the administration and sales duties, his wife managing the post harvesting protocols and Franklin, the oldest son, being in charge of the picking, with the youngest son Yocner being the QC manager.

Don Marcelino Chinguel is always willing to explore and change his way of thinking. This lot represents that spirit, as this is the first lot produced by the Marshell variety that Marcelino planted on his farm. This is a natural process lot and after picking it is hand sorted, floated and left to rest for 16 hours before laid out to dry on raised beds in the solar drier for around 20 to 30 days.

Roast info

This coffee is roasted for filter - meaning, a light roast. We roast our seasonal coffees in this manner because we wish for the coffee to shine as it is - for it to display the characteristics that have produced its excellent quality. This kind of roast allows the natural flavours, acids and sugars of the coffee to be in the front, and lets you learn about its origin through taste. As the name says, it's best used in filter coffee methods, such as drip or immersion, so while making an espresso from these is possible, it could prove tricky.

Use and storage

We recommend you enjoy this coffee within 3 months of the roasting date.
Store in a dry and cool place, between +16 and +25 degrees.


Sustainable Coffee Trading

This coffee's cycle from farm to your cup has been one of honesty and hard work. We source our coffees from producers that use environmentally-friendly growing practices, roast it so that it's consistently good, package it in materials that either recycle or can be refilled and deliver the coffee with emissions in mind. Sustainability is one of our core values, and the path of our coffee demonstrates that.

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