Whether it is our coffee, or a unique blend we have created just for your company's needs, we treat the coffee we roast with utmost respect.

We truly appreciate the work that is put in to grow the coffee, to pick it ripe and process it meticulously. Through our roasting, we wish to respect the work that is done and bring out the specific origin characteristics of the coffee.

To ensure consistency of quality, we have invested in various tools to help us provide that. Each batch is measured for density and moisture before roast, and roast colour after it. That way, we break the stereotype that specialty roasteries suffer from - the inability produce consistency.

Each roast is then cupped to the SCAA protocol, evaluated thoroughly to make sure that the guest enjoys a truly sensational, consistent and pleasing cup of coffee.


KALVE brand

It takes a bit more than just a great cup of coffee to make your guests feel happy, that's why when you become our wholesale partner, we do a lot more than just delivering coffee. We ensure top-notch barista training, free delivery of goods, tailor-made bar improvements as well as regular quality controls to ensure you are happy with your cooperation.


Contract roasting

If your current brand has a strong audience, or if you wish to build a new one, we'll be happy to roast your own coffee. If you want a fantastic single origin coffee, or a bespoke blend - together we can make it happen. And it's not just the coffee, our team of experienced designers and marketing strategists will help you advance in the coffee market with a strong voice. All it takes is the first meeting, so we can agree on your preferred price range, taste profile and ultimate targets.


Ethical sourcing.

We work with farmers and producers in various origins in a very transparent manner, which in turn ensures that we support everyone working in the coffee community.



When deciding on the quality of our green coffee, we cup them on the SCA protocol to ensure that all our coffee is at least 82 points on the quality scale.


Consistency of quality.

One of our biggest targets is to ensure complete consistency of the quality of our coffee, which is why we have invested in various tools to help us provide that. Besides that, we also cup every single batch we roast, so they all pass our quality control.


Freshly roasted coffee.

Coffee has more than 800 aromatic compounds and a ton of anti-oxidants, which are all elements lost over staling. We deliver coffee on a weekly basis, which is why your coffee will always be full of the good elements it is prized for.

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