Brazil, Caffeine Free - Omniroast - 250 gr.

Brazil, Caffeine Free - Omniroast - 250 gr.


Regional info - Brazil, Chapadas de Minas - Primavera Estate, 1000 masl.

Variety - Yellow Catuai

Process - Natural, Swiss Water Decaf

Specialty decaf with notes of honey, citrus fruits, cacao.

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Decaffeinated coffee beans from Brazil, Chapada de Minas - Primavera Estate, produced by Ricardo Tavares. There are moments, when we wish to enjoy the sweet taste of coffee, without the added effect of caffeine. With the "Swiss Water" method, the green coffee is first soaked, and then repeatedly washed with a low-caffeine green coffee concentrate, that binds the original caffeine to it - therefore the decaffeination happens without use of any chemicals or applied heat, thus retaining the origin characteristics of this coffee.