Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro - Oeiras - 250 gr.

Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro - Oeiras - 250 gr.


Regional info - Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro / 1000 masl.

Variety - Oeiras

Process - Natural

SCA - 84.00p

Chocolate fudge, dried lingonberry, orange peel.

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The Oeiras variety is the second of our unique coffee varietals from Brazil series, with the Topazio variety being showcased last year. It is produced by Danilo Henrique de Faria, who has been growing coffee since 1999. He dedicates himself to producing quality coffees and doing everything on the farm with great effort and passion, seeking promising developments without harming natural resources or the environment. His motivation comes from his love for growing coffee and the desire to provide a dignified life for his family.

The Oeiras variety was developed at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa in conjuction with the national organization EPAMIG, using genes from a hybrid plant resulting from a cross between Red Caturra and the Timor Hybrid.