Brazil, Topazio - Filter - 250 gr.

Brazil, Topazio - Filter - 250 gr.


Regional info - Brazil, Minas Gerais, Chapadas de Minas, Fazenda Santa Rosa, 650 - 800 masl. 

Variety - Topazio

Process - Natural

SCA - 86,75 p.

Medium bodied and smooth, with a delicate, juicy acidity. Notes of white grape, raisin and almond.

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The coffee variety "Topazio" is a cross between "Mundo Novo" and "Yellow Catuai", developed in Brazil in the 1960's. Even though it was developed a long time ago, the strive for unique single variety coffee's in today's specialty scene brings this variety back in a completely new perspective.

It is grown at a low altitude of 650 - 800 masl., but because of Jose Felix's meticulous farming and processing practices, the variety itself and the terroir of the farm, it shines with a fantastic complexity of flavours.