Costa Rica, Las Lajas - Red Honey - 250 gr.

Costa Rica, Las Lajas - Red Honey - 250 gr.


Regional info - Costa Rica, Sabanilla de Alajuela, Finca Sabana Redonda - Las Lajas Micromill - 1450 masl.

Variety - Caturra & Catuai

Process - Red Honey

SCA - 87.00 p.

Complex, clean acidity, a smooth and milky mouthfeel with flavours of dark plums, ripe lemon and white sparkling wine.

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Oscar and Francisca Chacon are coffee producers who are committed to quality and innovation, and are best known for being among the first to produce honey coffees in Costa Rica. The Las Lajas red honey process means the coffee is dried with 100% mucilage on the bean, therefore very little water is used in processing.

Don Oscar believes that, as does roasting, drying also has a huge impact, which is why he wants the drying to happen slowly - therefore, production is necessarily limited, but all coffees of Las Lajas are of exceptional quality.