Brazil, Sitio Grunewald - Yellow Catucai - 250 gr.

Brazil, Sitio Grunewald - Yellow Catucai - 250 gr.


Montanhas do Espirito Santo / 950 masl. / Yellow Catucaì / Pulped Natural / SCA - 83.25p

Chocolate fudge, raisins and brown sugar.

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The Yellow Catucaì variety is the third of our unique coffee varietals from Brazil series, right after showcasing the Topazio and Oeiras varieties. It is produced by Sidney Grunewald, who represents the 4th generation of coffee growers in his family. Sidney attributes the superior taste of his coffee to the beans being pulped and dried on the same day on the covered patio.

The Yellow Catucai variety is a cross between Catuai and Icatu. The first selection was made in 1988 by researchers at the Brazilian Coffee Institute (IBC). In general, the cultivars of the Catucaí group exhibit moderate resistance to coffee rust, which means that the plants can be infected, but the damage caused is generally small, with no large leaf fall, and it is also well-known for its high productivity and yields.