Colombia, San Adolfo - 250 gr.

Colombia, San Adolfo - 250 gr.


Huila - Acevedo / 1675 masl. / Caturra, Castillo, Colombia / Washed / SCA - 84.25p

Ripe citrus, white grape and caramel.

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an Adolfo is named after the area in the Acevedo municipality of the Huila department in southern Colombia, where this coffee was grown. This lot is a blend of coffee from two smallholders’ farms - Arnulfo Rodriguez Acosta’s farm Rio Negro and Henry Garcia Viuchi’s farm Villa Prado.

The coffee farms inSanAdolfoare characterised by their positions along the ridges and crests of hills, with sweeping views of the valleys below. Producers take care to fertilize, prune, and carry out farm management practices that preserve a healthy land while producing quality coffee.