Costa Rica, Aquiares Estate - Yeast Fermentation - 250 gr.

Costa Rica, Aquiares Estate - Yeast Fermentation - 250 gr.


Regional info - Costa Rica, Cartago - Turrialba / 1200 masl.

Variety - H1 Centroamericano

Process - Yeast Fermentation

SCA - 87.50p

Bergamot, lemon, black tea, malt.

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"Aquiares" is the largest farm in Costa Rica, and home to 1800 people - a community living and working on the enchanting slopes of the Turrialba volcano, with a lush area of forests, rivers, fauna, and bright flora. Through excellent agricultural management, embracing new varieties, and experimenting with processing, "Aquiares" has become a leader among specialty coffee producers in Costa Rica and all of Central America.

"Centroamericano F1" is a hybrid variety, generated by crossing the "Sarchimor T-5296" and the wild "Rume Sudan" variety. This hybrid is high-yielding and rust-resistant and also has a complex, elegant profile.

As for processing - they used a common strain of beer yeast to ferment coffee in an anaerobic environment. The team believes that the flavors created by yeast fermentation can open a door to many opportunities for the future of coffee processing, and they will continue to experiment to keep offering new and exciting coffees.