Ethiopia, Werka - Filter - 250 gr.

Ethiopia, Werka - Filter - 250 gr.


Regional info - Ethiopia, Sidamo, Werka washing station, 2050 masl. 

Variety - Ethiopian Heirloom

Process - Washed

SCA -  86,75p.

Light bodied, structured and clean, with a balance of high sweetness and crisp acidity. Notes of pineapple, lemon and black tea.

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The Werka Washing Station has been operational since 2010, and between 700-800 farmers deliver cherries here to be processed. The washed coffees are sorted by hand and then in a flotation tank, to then be depulped with a disc pulper and dried on raised beds for 10-12 days. The high altitudes of members’ farms give the beans a very structured profile. The exporter, Faysel Adham Yonis, is committed to ensuring that the coffee is environmentally and financially sustainable for the people of the Werka community.