Honduras, El Mandarino - 250 gr.

Honduras, El Mandarino - 250 gr.


Regional info - Honduras - Corquín / 1350 masl.

Variety - Red Catuai

Process - Washed

SCA - 86.50p

Sweet and syrupy with a juicy acidity. Dark plum, grape, red pepper and toffee.

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Jesus Lemus Leon is the owner of the farm El Mandarino, which is situated at 1350 masl. in the Gualme area of Corquin, Copan. The farm is planted with Catuai, Obata and Lempira varieties, and covers 4 hectares of coffee production underneath a natural forest shade. Gualme is an area known for it's great growing conditions for coffee, resulting in a wonderful cup quality. Jesus has benefited from being able to dry his coffee in the centralised mill, where conditions are much more suited to do so.