Colombia - La Cristalina - Washed - 250g

Apricot, cranberries, nutty and tea-like.



Guatica, Risaralda / 1850 masl. / Castillo / Washed / SCA  - 85.25p. 

The name of the Cristalina was born due to the proximity of the La Cristalina Municipal Natural Park, but the coffee is produced in Jose Wilderman’s farm - El Porvenir, which means, The Future. His home was built on the land by his father , and this is where Jose lives and works with his family. The family share the running of the farm between them, and each day of work for the family begins at 6:30 in the morning.
To ensure the highest quality coffee leaves their farm, Jose and his family pick only the ripest cherry with each pass through the 2 hectares of land. The family does several passes to clean the land of overripe fallen fruit, to avoid all risk of Broca infestation.

The coffee is first dry fermented for 17 hours before pulping, before being washed processed on the first thing in the next morning.
Drying is the final key to ensuring the quality of the coffee is consistent. Jose turns his coffee 4 to 5 times a day in the early stages of drying. Once the coffee has reached its optimum humidity level, it is packed in Grainpro and taken to Guatica for sale at La Cristalina’s buying point.

Roast info

This coffee is roasted for filter - meaning, a light roast. We roast our seasonal coffees in this manner because we wish for the coffee to shine as it is - for it to display the characteristics that have produced its excellent quality. This kind of roast allows the natural flavours, acids and sugars of the coffee to be in the front, and lets you learn about its origin through taste. As the name says, it's best used in filter coffee methods, such as drip or immersion, so while making an espresso from these is possible, it could prove tricky.

Use and storage

We recommend you enjoy this coffee within 3 months of the roasting date.
Store in a dry and cool place, between +16 and +25 degrees.

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