Coffee machines and equipment

Coffee beans and machines go hand in hand, which is why we are very proud to be the distributors of some of the best equipment producers in the world – read more below!

Victoria Arduino

Coffee machines and coffee grinders designed and created respecting the territory and the environment. More than 100 years of history and innovation in the coffee industry. Current World Barista Championship sponsor.

EAGLE ONE – the newest VA espresso machine. Fewer emissions,
less environmental impact. Completely new NEO engine uses an instant heating system, that reduces the heat dispersion and energy consumption.

BLACK EAGLE MAVERICK VA most intelligent and user-friendly coffee machine to date.

MYTHOS GRINDER – coffee grinder that was born to define absolute control and precision. Reborn today, it further advances its user experience by bringing evolution to its function and design.

Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli creates professional coffee machines since 1936. Their products are designed and released respecting the territory and the environment.

APPIA LIFE – with its high productivity and high performance, this coffee machine is appreciated by thousands of baristas worldwide.
Simple and innovative. Perfect for large companies, coffee shop chains or wherever there is a need to prepare an abundance of great coffee. Designed to save energy, sustain the environment, and be cost-effective.


Born in 2013, JETINNO is an intelligent equipment company focused on building commercial fully automatic coffee machines for HORECA and OCS applications.

JL18 - high-quality coffee machine in stylish glass and steel design. 98% of the machine's materials can be recycled. JETINNO's leading espresso machine model combined with cocoa and granulated milk. This coffee machine is one of the quietest and most economical on the market. To bring a better coffee drinking experience JL18 coffee machines can be equipped with JETINNO's patented 14g or 20g espresso brewer. 

JL35 - high-performance fully automatic coffee machine with fresh milk system. JL35 is equipped with Dual Brew system - two coffee grinders and two espresso brewers in a single machine - which can provide high-quality espresso and larger volume coffee drinks brewing experience. JL35 smart fresh milk system can prepare hot or cold milk foam drinks and automatic JL35 coffee machine milk system cleaning makes it easier to use. 

JL50 - high-performance fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine combined with cocoa and granulated milk. JL50 is equipped with Dual Brew system - two coffee grinders and two espresso brewers in a single coffee machine. Innovative topping milk forming system with customisable ingredients portioning speed, low-temperature and high-speed rotation granulated milk frothing technology to ensure thick and delicate milk foam for a perfect taste of the drink.

Tone Swiss

To specialty beverage equipment users, TONE provides the world’s first portfolio of intelligently designed equipment dedicated to unmatched brewing precision and control while also consuming 10 times less energy.

TONE Touch 03 –standalone boilerless coffee & tea brewer. The tankless system has world class technology allowing users to control all parameters of the extraction such as: time, temperature, water flow, pulse, and delay. Touch 03 has been selected as 2021 Best New Product in the Commercial Coffee Preparation and Serving Equipment category by the Specialty Coffee Association!

TONE Nitro 25 – nitro Sensation Solution on tap! Clean and compact design as plug & play solution to fit every counter. Integrated cooler and nitrogen from the air to safely deliver maximum performance. Perfect for delivering the mostcutting-edgebeverages withsimplicityand efficiency.


Bentwood is Swiss company with a mission to unleash the full taste potential of every coffee bean in the most enjoyable and beautiful way.

THE VERTICAL 63 – grinder for all needs. From super fine to extra coarse, the Vertical 63 does it all. Thanks to the unique geometry of the 63mm special steel burrs, your taste experience will be enriched no matter if you brew filter, espresso or anything else. Cool Grinding is fundamental to get the best taste out of your coffee, which is why the powerful motor is supported by a double ventilation system to keep the grinder cool. The stepless grind adjustment guides you intuitively to your perfect grind setting by showing an indication of the particle size.


EUREKA is a leading company in designing and manufacturing modern and elegant coffee grinderssince 1920. Founded in Florence by Aurelio Conti, the company started its activity as manufacturer of grinders for Espresso and quickly became a symbol of excellence.

HELIOS 75 – high-performance, flat burr, commercial grinder that gives its users incredible control over almost every aspect of coffee grinding. It is ultra-fast and can grind 20 grams of coffee in about 2 seconds, and is equipped with an adjustable “hands-free” fork for a seamless workflow.

SPECIALTY 75 – large commercial coffee grinder, that features stepless micrometric grind adjustment, patented silent grind technology, a hands-free PF holder, ACE anti-clumping technology, and an innovative easy-to-clean design.