KALVE Biennial Performance Report : A Journey of Resilience and Growth.

We are proud to present KALVE latest Performance Report for the past two years (2022 & 2023). A comprehensive overview of our achievements, challenges, and future plans. This report underscores our dedication to transparency, providing our stakeholders with a clear picture of our progress and impact. 

Our goal is to foster trust and engagement by openly communicating our performance metrics, strategic initiatives, and areas for improvement.

Through this report, we aim to highlight our commitment to responsibility and continuous growth, ensuring that we remain accountable and aligned with our mission to deliver exceptional value.

This is our testament to making specialty coffee more accessible and to a future where business success, positive environmental, and social impacts are interwoven. 

Only together can we forge a future that values people and the planet alongside profit—one cup at a time!

KALVE - B Corp certified company

2023 was a year for strengthening KALVE's position as a responsible and sustainable company. We became the first B Corp company in Latvia.

B Corp represents our commitment and dedication to delivering exceptional coffee and also to making a positive impact on the planet and the communities around us.

Read our first Performance Report of 2021 here!