Questions? Look here.

Do you roast your own coffee?

Yes - that is our core operation. We roast our coffee in our roastery, which is located in Jaunmarupe, Latvia!

Are you open to different forms of cooperation?

Yes! We'll happily discuss any form of cooperation - so if you have a project that requires coffee in any form, we'll be happy to hear from you!

Can I visit the coffee roastery?

Normally the roastery is closed for visitors, but we can cater to your professional needs. Please get in touch with us and we'll work it out.

Where can I see and taste all your range?

Our coffee shop doors are open every day, and our professional baristas will surely introduce you to all our range of coffees. You're welcome to visit!

How can I get your coffee for my business?

Please get in touch with us via phone or email, and we'll set up a meeting with our sales staff!

How long will it take for my website purchase to arrive?

If you're located in the Baltics, it usually takes 1-3 working days. For the rest of the EU it's normally 5-7 days, but could take up to 14 days depending on your location.

Can I retreive my website order in any of your locations?

Currently, we do not offer self-pickup services in any of our locations. In case you urgently need coffee, we welcome you to visit us in any of our coffee shops and make your purchase there. Alternatively, you can buy it on "Wolt" and have it delivered to you in a matter of minutes.

Are the coffees artificially flavoured?

No - we do not artificially flavour our coffees. Specialty coffee is naturally full of flavours that develop during the growth of the coffee, the processing of it as well as during roasting. The flavours you see on our coffees are perceptions of the natural flavours in the respective coffee.

Where can I buy your coffee outside your coffee shops?

We recommend placing the purchase on our webshop and have it shipped to your doorstep or your nearby "DPD" package station. We are currently working on a list of our retailers, so when it's done you will be able to see our point of sales nearest to you!

Do you use Arabica or Robusta beans?

The majority of our range is of the "Arabica" species, since they are recognised with more flavour, complexity and sweetness. The only blend that contains "Robusta" is "Chocolate Bar", and gives the blend the necessary kick, chocolate-like bitterness and more texture.

Why do I have to choose my grind size when purchasing pre-ground coffee?

The grind of the coffee affects how the coffee will extract. The finer the grind, the more the coffee will extract, and vice versa. We want an optimal extraction, not an extreme or low one. Depending on how long the contact time of water-to-coffee is, grind size is chosen. Methods, where the contact time is little, such as espresso or mokka, a finer grind, is required to extract flavour in a short time, however, when brewing your coffee in-cup or in a french press, the contact time is much longer, so a coarser grind will allow for a longer extraction and will keep the coffee tasting more balanced over time.

Why are the prices so different between the coffees?

The prices are mostly affected by the quality of the coffee. Specialty coffee is scored between 80-100 points, which are awarded based on sensory quality - the more points a coffee has, the higher its' cup quality. This correlates with the price as well, because achieving high cup scores involves a lot of work from the coffee grower, starting from preparing the soil, upgrading processing and storing it properly.

Are the baked goods in the coffee shops made today?

Yes, they are! We have our own bakery which delivers the goods several times a day, so they are always fresh. Some pastries, like our banana bread, get better over time, so that is okay to store for another day.

Can I order something special from the bakery?

Absolutely - reach out to our bakery and have a chat about what you'd like and how we can cater.