Specialty Quality

Coffee is graded on a 100 point scale, with specialty coffee starting at 80 points and above. Our policy is to purchase coffee at 82+ points to ensure excellence in the cup.

Diverse and accessible range

From signature espresso blends to high-scoring microlots from various origins - we're positive you'll find the perfect match for your coffee preference.

Business and individual solutions

Our skilled team and wide portfolio of equipment allows us to tailor a custom solution for both your home and your business.


The value that keeps us in check the most, by making us think of a better tomorrow before any decision that we make - be it green purchasing, packaging or transport.

About Us

We are “Kalve Coffee Roasters” – a specialty coffee roasting company that stay true to all involved parties in all that we do. Our core values are honesty, open-mindedness, an easy and quality-oriented approach as well as sustainability. We strive to leave a positive impact in all that we do, so that we can create a legacy that will span generations. We offer efficient coffee solutions for both B2C and B2B segments - we are able to cover this wide range by having a diverse coffee portfolio, equipment for both home and business, as well as an advanced and educated team to be able to make great things happen.


Thanks to our customers we're able to perform our best, grow as a community and achieve indicators that are celebrated in the specialty coffee industry.


years on the market


kilogram monthly production capacity


team members and growing by the day


business coffee solutions applied as of 2023

Our Vision

When Gatis and Raimonds decided on establishing a coffee company they started with values and only then came the name and product. We wanted to solve the issue of accessibility in the specialty coffee market - create coffee experiences that allow for a smooth transition from commercial to specialty, and on the other hand - offer a unique taste experience for those who already are immersed in the specialty coffee culture.

By dropping the conventional marketing approach of deciding on our target audience, we wanted to focus on having a range of coffees that everyone could enjoy. Coffee is such a wonderful and diverse product, so limiting it to a niche was not our aim - until this day and onward we want to be completely transparent, open and available to anyone and everyone who enjoys coffee, with strong values and top-notch customer service always being a priority.