French press is one of the most reliable coffee brewing methods – easy to brew and super consistent. The recipe is also completely scalable from 1 cup right up to 8-10 cups depending on the size of your french press, which also makes it a perfect brewing method to make coffee for more people at once.

French press will produce a full-bodied black coffee, which will taste pleasant also when enjoyed with milk. 

This french press recipe is adapted from in-cup method, which is the most consistent and most widely used method! French press is full-immersion coffee brewing method.

Brewing time: 8 minutes

What you will need:

  • french press
  • coffee
  • boiling water 
  • timer
  • scale (optional)
  • grinder (if you want to grind the coffee by yourself) 


STEP 1: Use 12 g coffee for 250 g of water.

STEP 2: Grind coffee coarsely, from scale 1-10, use grind size of 6-7 (you can skip this step, if using pre-ground coffee).

STEP 3: Start a timer for 4 minutes and pour the water over the coffee.

STEP 4: After 4 minutes, break through the crust by stirring the coffee on top and the coffee will fall to the bottom.

STEP 5: Let the coffee sit for another 3-4 minutes so all the small particles sink to the bottom. Put the plunger in, and press it all the way down just before pouring the coffee in a cup.

STEP 6: Enjoy! 

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