KALVE Coffee Roasters opens a new coffee shop!

SIA "Kalve Coffee" has invested approximately 75,000 euros to add another cafe to the streets of Riga - KALVE Espresso Room No. 3, located at 19 Miera Street.

Gatis Zēmanis, co-founder of the company, reveals that they have received a large number of letters from residents of this neighborhood expressing their desire to see a KALVE cafe in this area. Guided by KALVE values, the company decided to respond to the residents' wishes and open a new cafe on Miera Street. With KALVE Espresso Room No. 3, KALVE not only continues its successful journey of sustainable entrepreneurship but also happily contributes to the Miera Street community. This serves as a gesture of community support and the enjoyment of quality design through delicious coffee.

The product and service offering at KALVE Espresso Room on Miera Street will remain unchanged, maintaining its consistently high quality. However, the interior of the Miera Street cafe may appear more colorful than usual. This is because KALVE not only appreciates high-quality products and interior elements but also respects the surrounding environment, integrating the nearby buildings and their stories into its interior.

"Design and visual identity are very important to us, as we appreciate everything around us with our eyes as well. The design differs in coffee packaging and cafes, but what unites them is the high quality," explains Zēmanis. Miera Street KALVE embodies the playful nature of the location, highlighted by landmarks like Riga Maternity Hospital, Laima Chocolate Factory, and the New Riga Theatre.

KALVE Espresso Room No. 3 on Miera Street will accommodate approximately 25 indoor seats, as well as seasonal outdoor tables and a bench with nine seats.

The product and interior design of KALVE Coffee remain consistent, crafted by designer and company partner Jānis Andersons (field.lv), ensuring that the visual identity matches the high quality of KALVE coffee. Andersons has also chosen to enhance the interior with artworks by Paula Zariņa-Zēmane and Kaspars Zariņš.

SIA "Kalve Coffee" is a Latvian company with a coffee roastery in Jaunmārupe, as well as several cafe-stores in Riga - at Stabu Street 38, Baznīcas Street 13, and on the first floor of Āgenskalns Market.

KALVE Coffee's turnover has significantly increased, reaching 2,121,427 euros in 2022, which is nearly twice as much as the previous year. The company also takes pride in its "B Corp Certified" and "Organic Certified" certifications, reflecting KALVE's commitment to sustainability and ensuring high product and service quality.

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