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We are extremely happy to finally bring our very first Performance Report to the public!

As we continue our lives with facing new challenges it might be more important than ever to increase the commitments and levels of corporate responsibility, engagement and transparency.

Past years have proven the resilience we all hold within ourselves and that also hopefully has equipped us with a fresh, however more-steel-like outlook for the future.

Since its inception, Kalve Coffee, as a company and the individuals who lead it, have always been self-aware and striving for self-improvements.

With growth comes the increasing challenge around the footprint that is created by the company's operations. The focus on this topic has only been increasing in significance, which is also reflected in this first Kalve Coffee Performance Report looking back at the year 2021.

The past year 2021 provided us with a lot of learnings and goal setting for the future which we are now happy to share with you.


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